Strategic Outsourcing

Outsourcing or Strategic Sourcing?

Sales Outsourcing is now a very real option to deliver sales continuity, allowing organisations to focus on core business activities and delivering the most cost-  efficient route to market.

Organisations are now increasingly seeing the value in planning for the unknown. In embedding flexibility and agility into future strategies, pre-empting challenges which have yet to fully materialise.

Given the variable nature of the environment ahead, Strategic Sourcing is a better terminology for what outsourcing can do for businesses in this new age.

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Introducing ACTiON from CPM

Consumers now expect seamless integration of reality and the digital world. And that’s what we’re delivering. A video solution where anyone online can get immersive face-to-face advice, training or customer care - wherever and whenever they want it. Our solution comprises ACTiON, our new v-commerce platform, media-trained experts, AV kit and even branded studio spaces. It’s the ultimate one-stop-shop.