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The *shopt app, developed by CPM, provides an innovative and low cost way for brands to engage with convenience retailers. Giving brands instant access to more than 12,000 (and growing) convenience retailers, it provides the perfect platform to engage with this channel and drive loyalty and sales of your brand.

The goal is to maximise profitable sales for both the brand & the retailer.

With the convenience sector in growth it's a channel you cannot ignore, but it’s a tough channel to engage using traditional field sales teams.  With cost per call generally higher than in Grocery and no guarantee of seeing a decision maker, we want to give brands an effective and regular way to engage.

*shopt is already delivering great results, driving new distribution points for as little as £4.18.  Retailers told us that they wanted something that would cover the categories, be multi-brand and give them useful advice that can help drive their sales - which is exactly what *shopt is, and why more than 25% of convenience retailers are using it already!

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Any questions, feel free to email us: hello@shopt.co.uk

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