Let ‘Detail’ give you the online advantage this Christmas

With the continued rise of online shopping, and 52% of shoppers* saying they spent more online than in store last Christmas, ensure your products are where they should be, easy to find and at the right price

*Source: Christmas Shopping Habits – Mintel


It can’t be bought if it isn't theretrue just as much online as in store. And at Christmas more than ever.

Our solution for merchandising online is called Detail and is a relevant online extension of a physical sales and merchandising team.  Built to embrace the challenge with selected .com retailers; to seek and find lost sales opportunities online, to be able to fix them and help you to win online, every day.

Detail has not been built on the background of IT and data analytics unlike many of our competitor’s offerings.  Detail originates from a world of sales and marketing, where we have focused solely on functionality and information that matters to be able to win sales.  All of this is based on our experience and understanding from managing successful sales and marketing teams in physical retail.

Detail will help to give you better control than ever of your products presence at your .com retailers, and just may give you the advantage you need to win online at Christmas.

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